Release 1.4

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Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Rel 1.4 - Extract by DataSets Enhancement-TestCases.xlsx

Mar 21, 2019 by Deb Weigand

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Rel 1.4 - markerGroupSummaryFile-TestCases.xlsx

Mar 21, 2019 by Deb Weigand

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Rel 1.4 - Remove SCP Client-TestCases.xlsx

Mar 21, 2019 by Deb Weigand

New Features

  • Extract by Datasets Enhancement

    • A grid with columns which is sortable in asc or desc order - sorting can be done for any and all headers
      • dataset name, date loaded (initial sort is desc - most recent first), PI, Project, Experiment
    • The grid initially displays all extract ready datasets in the system
    • Filters are be used in a hierarchical manner to filter information in the grid: PI > Project > Experiment
    • Status defaults to Matrix Loaded, which will display only datasets with data that has been previously loaded.
    • Status can be changed to "All" to display all datasets with or w/o data
    • Details box: on click of a dataset, detailed information of the dataset will be displayed
      • fields include: PI,Curator - the user that loaded the dataset/submitted the job, date loaded, Project, Total of markers in the dataset, Total of dnarun in the dataset, Experiment, Platform, Protocol, Calling Analysis, List of applied analyses
    • A dataset can be added to the extraction criteria by checking a box (confirm w/Phil) and clicking an add button
    • Multiple datasets can be checked and added to the extraction criteria
    • Upon Submission of an extract, behavior is the same as rel 1.3
  • Marker Group summary File

    • Upon extracting by marker groups, user shall have a marker group summary file listing the following:

      • Marker_group_name
      • Germplasm_group
      • Marker_name
      • Platform
      • Fav_alleles
  • New ICRISAT Crops

    • Added the following new crops to ICRISAT's GDM instances (test and production)
      • Pigeon Pea
      • Pearl Millet
      • Groundnut
      • Fingermillet
    • Seed data for contacts are PI and Curator roles
    • All other seed data is the same as all other ICRISAT crops.
  • Webservice file transfer

    • Replaced SCP file transfer with webservice
    • File size checked before transferring file from local machine.
    • For files more than set limit, the user is asked to upload the file to the server directly.
    • File size limit is configurable by sysadmin, 10mb default

Bug Fixes

  • GSD-280 Updating SSR data is wrong
  • GSD-341 'position.file' file exists on extracts
  • GSD-344 Extractor: marker list file name does not reflect correct date/timestamp after first extract
  • GSD-364 "dev" showing instead of crop name in 1.2 GOBII Data Importer
  • GSD-388 Not able to visualize the Marker Information table in the Marker Wizard (mainly in WHEAT)
  • GSD-391 If VCF alt field is '.' Strange error occurs.
  • GSD-393 Extractor: Multiple dataset information in SUCCESS emails rather than for single dataset
  • GSD-399 Getting extra column of text when extracting loaded .vcf files in hapmap format
  • GSD-415 Large chunks of missing data and errors in much of the data when exporting by sample to FJ from a large dataset
  • GSD-424 Flapjack not displaying extract error
  • GSD-435 LoaderUI: several datasets (under different Exp/platforms) loaded via Dataset Wizard, using one file to load the markers, samples, and matrix, does not associate the dataset(s) to the correct platform