Gobii Test Automation Framework (TAF)

Please read a primer on test automation framework at https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/test-automation-frameworks-selenium-tutorial-20/.

Selenium IDE offers limited support of testing frameworks. For Gobii, if Data Driven and Behaviour Driven testing are not required, then Selenium IDE should be enough.

Testing Frameworks


Selenium IDE



Selenium IDE


Module Base



Library Architecture



Data Driven



Keyword Driven






Behavior Driven



Both Selenium IDE and Python/PyCharm supports test automation requirements. EBS team has already demonstrated that Selenium IDE is a viable test automation tool. Selenium IDE provides a quick and low-cost TAF that can support Gobii test automation requirements.



Selenium IDE



Selenium IDE


Fully integrated IDE

(write, execute, debug tests)



Multi-browser support



Source control management



CI/CD support



Selenium Grid




Limitations with Selenium IDE

There are some limitations with Selenium IDE though. It can’t support passing test parameters with CSV files. Data driven tests are not possible. This feature has been requested already. Another limitation is it can’t call external applications (REST API, query database, trigger email, etc). It can only interact with the application under test in the browser. Even though Selenium IDE contains conditional flow, it would be hard to implement complex conditional workflows. It makes it hard to extend it whenever a change in logic occurs in the application. Although calling scripts inside a script promotes re-usability, it can be unwieldy to manage as you write more scripts. It requires developer to give intuitive script names and must adhere strict naming conventions and guidelines.

When to consider Python?

If the long term is to have a unified approach with test automation on all projects (Gobii, EBS, etc), then setting up the TAF in Python is the way to go. With Python, a robust and reusable TAF can be implemented. The TAF can address the limitations of Selenium IDE mentioned above.

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Selenium IDE

SIDE file:


File upload doesn’t seem to work with Gobii web page in Chrome. I searched online and I can’t find a way to resolve it. I tried to run the script with Firefox and the file upload is also only supported with Chrome.

It would be best use Python as the language for the TAF.

I’m in the process of creating a TAF in Python using the SeleniumBase (https://seleniumbase.com/)