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GDM Loader download

Release 2.2.4

  • Sensitive data statement

  • Bug fixes


Release 2.1


  • Validate Digest Instructions

  • LiveLinks

  • Support for DNAsample UUID

  • User role: Curator

  • API Map Calls

  • API Publication

  • Non-destructive Deployments

  • Bug Fixes


Release 2.0

  • ownCloud - Web-based file browser

  • Marker Tools Portal

  • Import GDM dataset into Flapjack

  • Portainer - docker container monitoring system

  • Bug Fixes


Release 1.5


  • TimeScope – Phase 1(Dataset Deletion)

  • Extraction Criteria summary and display

  • Bug Fixes


Release 1.4


  • Extract by Datasets Enhancement

  • Marker Group summary File

  • New ICRISAT Crops

  • Webservice file transfer

  • Bug Fixes


Release 1.3


  • LoaderUI Job Validation

  • Integrate DART QC With GOBii

  • Bug Fixes


Release 1.2


  • Confidentiality notification

  • Improved loading of large IUPAC datasets

  • Marker groups

  • Load markers to platform

  • Bug fixes


Release 0.3.3


  • A seperate subfolder is now created for every dataset when multiple datasets are submitted for extraction by datasets.

  • ‘Grayed out’ sections in data extract that look like page is still loading removed.

  • In wizards, users can no longer add a dataset to a project it doesn’t belong to - singleton issue fixed.

  • Can load multiple files of the same datatype and format from a remote folder (or load multiple local files of the same datatype and format).

  • Extract; property fields now extracting – e.g. parent fields.

  • Extract by marker Flapjack format producing correct Flapjack .genotyping and .map files.

  • Extract request is cleared after submission to prevent duplication of submission information.

  • Radio buttons placed consistently before the selection text in Extract UI.

  • In Extract UI can no longer uncheck items in extraction criteria summary screen - avoids confusion.

  • hmp.txt files now loading / extracting.

  • Can load and extract linkage group start and stop positions.

  • Extract by sample fully functional.

  • Templates in wizards fully functional.

  • New species CV terms added.

  • LDAP authentication implemented on user interface.

  • Can start submit tickets through emailing <>.

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