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New Features

  • The backend processing for data conversion with an input type of IUPAC data has been improved for both efficiency and tolerance for large files.
  • Create marker group with markers from different platforms and favorable alleles for each marker.
  • Users may select marker groups in the extract by marker selection. Markers from these groups will be included in the markers for the extraction, as if they were selected in the marker list.
  • The Loader UI now prevents users from re-submitting a dataset for loading when it is already in the process of being loaded or has already been loaded.
  • A 'confidentiality notification' can be set for a crop being extracted (This can be done by a local administrator), the extraction email will contain the notification, at the bottom, in bold text.
  • User should be able to load Markers to a specific platform in the Marker Wizard without having to choose an experiment.

Bug Fixes

  • When extracting by samples from a dataset, the first samples in the dataset were returned in the extracted matrix, instead of the samples selected from the UI.
  • Authentication now runs correctly against the database for the specified login crop.
  • When the user login succeeds with site authentication, but fails due to a missing contact record, the error message now includes proper diagnostic information.
  • Fixed error that prevented sample and marker extraction submission.
  • The User Login dialog should now display a more specific error than just "Error connecting to service" when logging in to a server or as a user.
  • Developed infrastructure for upload and download of files through web services: this capability will support future features such as extraction/loading through BRAPI as well as elimination of secondary login in the Loader UI.
  • The user should be able to select any platform from the platform dropdown in the Marker Wizard, unless when an experiment is selected. Selecting an experiment will disable the drop-down option and just automatically display the platform associated with that experiment.
  • When the dataset form is already open and a new analysis is added from the analysis form, clicking refresh from the dataset form displays the newly added analysis in the analyses table.
  • When clicking the Refresh button, all the comboboxes in the form reset and the comboboxes reflect any changes done to the forms related to it.
  • The back end matrix transposition function has been rewritten for efficiency and performance when dealing with large data matrices.
  • The Loader UI and Web Services now distinguish between CV terms that the user is allowed to modify versus those that are system-controlled and read only.
  • Eliminated duplicate criteria from the extraction request.
  • The extractor UI's radio buttons for export format are now synchronized with the value displayed in the criteria tree.
  • Added ability to retrieve markers by platform.
  • Java web services client was adapted to allow calling arbitrary (non-GOBII) web services: this feature will support integration with other systems.
  • Eliminated some of the unpredictable error messages in the Extractor UI.
  • Additional infrastructure for automated testing of file loading.
  • Reliability enhancements to file management in web services.
  • Back end rework to use standardized components in normal forms when converting matrix data to reduce overhead and reduce errors.
  • Implemented BRAPI /studies resource to support visualization with Flapjack.
  • Implemented BRAPI call /allelematrices to support extraction by dataset.
  • Improve BRAPI /allelematrix-search resource to include file location list.
  • Made the BRAPI /calls resource consistent with the specification with regard to leading slashes.
  • The BRAPI web service implementation now provides the flexibility for all BRAPI web service call formats.