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Rw ui layout macro

Use Flapjack Bytes to get a quick visual view of your data. For example, it is particularly useful to view the overall level of missing data in your dataset.


First, login to the system using your GOBii-GDM credentials

Dataset selection

This page uses BrAPI calls to select a dataset from the GOBii-GDM database. The pull down menu lists all of the datasets in this GOBii-GDM instance.

  • Select a dataset to view
  • Summary metrics (number of samples and markers) for the dataset are displayed 
  • Click on the 'View' button to view you dataset

  • The genotyping data can now be viewed using standard Flapjack nucleotide colouring
    • White blocks indicate missing data
    • Currently there is not an option to import a map (but we will have this feature in future), and so markers are listed in the order that they were loaded to the dataset, with equal spaced positions.
    • The sample name (equivalent to the dnarun_name in GOBii terms) is listed down the side of the dataset
  • If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see a zoom bar. Move the zoom bar to the right to get a closer look at the data
  • You can also exit the visualization page and return back to the dataset selection page by clicking 'back to VariantSet selection'. A VariantSet is another name for dataset